true gypsies.. with our gypsy!

In my last post I eluded to the fact that we felt we needed a “gypsy.” Tonight we made that happen.

Introducing Romanov Gypsy Blue (aka: “Blue”) our blue mitted with blaze ragdoll kitten!

blue mitted with blaze ragdoll kitten

In this photo he is attempting to become one with me, our two bodies melded into one perfect unit of sheer happiness. I don’t think his purr engine has quit running in the 3 hours we’ve been home. Such a lover!

We knew we wanted a pet eventually but neither of us is really a dog-person. Plus, I have the misfortune to be allergic and living with giant itching hives over my entire body is not anywhere near my personal idea of a real good time. So it had to be a cat. We’ve owned ragdolls in the past and they are by far, our favorite breed. Like a dog in their fearlessness and inquisitiveness, they greet their family and newcomers alike at the door with wagging tail and a gentle meow. No stranger is a stranger for long – you’d have to be a cold person indeed to not be instantly won over by the charm and sheer likeability of the ragdoll. For us, there was really not choice at all… it was always going to be a ragdoll!

In the vast LA region, there are scores of pets to choose from and after visiting several different breeders, we knew we had found our Blue the moment we laid eyes on him. He was stretchy and squishy and began purring before he was even picked up. I looked at the hubby, he looked back and that was that. Blue was ours. He, Blue, was not too happy on the ride to Petsmart to gather his new supplies, but being of a gentle and rather patient nature, he only meowed for a few minutes and then faded off into little whimpers of a mew here and there.

Upon arriving home, I immediately put him into his new carrier. One with mesh all around so he can see the world while being safely contained. He rested in there while I set up his litter pan, made the beds (today was laundry day) and got the trailer all squared away for him to explore. There were a few meows here and there but for the most part, he was quite content to just watch what was happening around him.

Eventually, he was let out and he spent the next 10 minutes or so examining everything. All the while talking continually to us. But it wasn’t long before he just wanted to be with us and we realized what a lover we had. He’s been purring nonstop and is right now inside my hoodie cuddling down in the front area with just his head sticking out. Ahhh… :)

blue mitted with blaze ragdoll kitten

I’ll get some better pictures when he’s not pressed against me and has his eyes open. They are a brilliant and gorgeous blue color.

I guess we are now the 2 Digital Nomads… and a cat!

read more about the ragdoll breed – Wikipedia

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